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  SPRINGHALL & Whitlawburn  
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OUR PLACE OUR PLAN : neighbourhood planning 

Working with the community to make Whitlawburn and Springhall a great place to live, work and play for all

Building upon the success of the Our Place initiative, a pilot neighbourhood planning initiative was undertaken in Whitlawburn and Springhall, led by South Lanarkshire Partnership. The aim was to ensure South Lanarkshire's Community Plans were based on local needs and community aspirations and priorities. 

The Neighbourhood Plan for Whitlawburn and Springhall will be a 10 year plan; recognising that improving outcomes and tackling local inequalities takes time and long term commitment.


As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, community themes and priorities have been identified (click here to find out more) and local ‘working groups’ with residents and partner representation are being established and supported to take forward specific themes and priorities and these groups will report to the Our Place Our Plan Stakeholder Group (for more information click here). 

In addition, Participatory Budgeting activities are being funded through an initial budget of £30,000 to enable smaller short-term projects (based on the results of the Our Place Our Plan survey) to be undertaken. 

Working Groups

Environmental Group

Communications Group

Anti-social behaviour group

 For more information:      

OPOP survey: community themes and priorities report

OPOP Neighbourhood Plan

Participatory Budgeting activities

If you wish to find out more or get involved in the Our Place Our Plan Working Groups or Stakeholders Group, click here or call Healthy n Happy's Transforming Communities Team on 0141 646 0123.

Community priorities and key themes

As part of the Our Place Our Plan consultation, the following key themes and priorities were highlighted...: 

Community priorities
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