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  SPRINGHALL & Whitlawburn  
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REACH Lanarkshire AUtism

REACH was established on 9th March 2012 to bridge the gap in post diagnostic services across Lanarkshire, to provide support to families who have a young person with an Autism Spectrum Condition living within the authority of South Lanarkshire.

REACH provides emotional and practical support and guidance to individuals and families living with an ASD and raises awareness within the home and in the local and wider community.

The Our Place initiative has provided funding to REACH Lanarkshire Autism to enable them to increase and improve the level of services, training and support available to children and families within Whitlawburn and Springhall who are living with, or awaiting an ASD diagnosis.

 For more information:      

REACH Lanarkshire Autism: 0141 641 0068

For more information on the Pathway for Children & Young People click here

For more information on the Our Place initiative click here

REACH Autism: Lanarkshire

"I have learned so many new things. A lot of things my child does now makes sense."

- Parent

"It was great to talk to other mums without pressure."

- Parent

"Please continue as the training was very helpful."

- Training participant

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