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  SPRINGHALL & Whitlawburn  
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Whitlawburn community Hub

Providing the residents of Springhall and Whitlawburn great services, activities and events

Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre (WCRC) is working with the community to deliver a thriving Community Hub with a range of services and activities for the benefit of the local residents of Whitlawburn and Springhall.


This includes local services such as whit recycle, digital drop in, food co-operative, classes and courses, activities and events and sporting activities for children and young people.  Dedicated staff will engage with the community on a regular basis in order to continue developing many new and exciting initiatives that the you want to see in their area.

The hub is funded by the Our Place initiative, which has also provided capital funding to refurbish the centre so it is a functioning, safe, warm and welcoming place for local people.  

 For more information:      

What’s On In Whitlawburn and Springhall


If you want to find out more or get involved in WCRC’s activities and projects, contact 0141 641 5005 or visit their website here.

To find out more about community engagement and consultation in your area click here


For more information on the Our Place initiative click here

Local resident

“Congratulations to everyone involved, this will make a huge difference to the centre and we cannot wait for the makeover”

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