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  SPRINGHALL & Whitlawburn  
safe place to live and play
  What is happening to achieve...  
  a safe community to live, work and play?  

The Walking Bus

Springhall Community Resource Group have led on this project to improve road safety around the local primary schools. 

The main aims of the project are:

  • To ensure children have a safe journey to and from school

  • To encourage and increase active travel

  • To develop a campaign around safe travel for school children

  • Improve local health and wellbeing

fun places for kis
  What is happening to create...  
  fun places and activities for children and young people?  

New Playpark

The Little Rascals Toddler Group led on plans to provide a new Play Park for children up to five years old outside Whitlawburn Resource Centre.

People know what's on
  What is happening to help...  
  people know what's going, get involved and access a  range of opportunities?  

Social Media and Online

Social media and WCRC's website are being used to ensure up-to-date information on activities, events and opportunities in the local area

Visit Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre's (WCRC) website here to find out what's on and when

Visit the What's on in whitlawburn and Springhall facebook page to find out what's happening in Whitlawburn & Springhall

Visit the Our Place: Whitlawburn & Springhall facebook page to connect with your local community

community events and activities
  What is happening to get...  
 people come together and enjoy each other and the community? 

Age Active: Seniors Activities Programme

Springhall Community Resource Group helped set up a steering group for seniors activities.


The first programme of fortnightly activities (from August to October 2018) was put together as a result of this steering group.  

local services and facilities
  What is happening to create...  
  local services and facilities that reflect what we want?  

A New Community Hub!

Whitlawburn COmmunity Resource Centre have been awarded a significant amount of funding through the our place initiative to develop a thriving community led hub that will enable and deliver a range of services and activities for the benefit of the local residents of Whitlawburn and Springhall.

fantastic places
  What is happening to create...  
  fantastic places that are well used and enjoyed by all?  

The Cage Redevelopment

The Springhall Community Resource Group has worked hard to develop proposals for the cage redevelopment.

After numerous consultation events with the community, a final plan has been agreed and submitted for Our Place stage 2 funding.

Pride of Our Place
  We are the Pride of Our Place...!  

New Toddlers Play park

“I have learned so much being part of the group that made this happen”

– group member

“We can’t wait for the better weather, my kids will love this park”

– local resident

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