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  SPRINGHALL & Whitlawburn  
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Working with the community to make Whitlawburn and Springhall a great place to live, work and play for all

Building upon the success of the Our Place initiative, a pilot neighbourhood planning initiative was undertaken in Whitlawburn and Springhall, led by South Lanarkshire Partnership. The aim was to ensure South Lanarkshire's Community Plans were based on local needs and community aspirations and priorities. You can find out more about this initiative here.

As part of this initiative, the Our Place Our Plan Stakeholders Group was formed in late 2018. It has, and will continue to have at least 50% community membership (ie. local residents). Its main focus is to agree and oversee the Neighbourhood Plan for Whitlawburn and Springhall, with progress being reported to the wider South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership.


The Stakeholders Group is leading on the Participatory Budgeting activities and the Springhall Community Centre Refurbishment Project, alongside the Springhall Community Resource Group.

 For more information:      

Find out more by visiting the Our Place Our Plan page here.

If you wish to get involved in the Our Place Our Plan working groups or Stakeholders Group, call Healthy n Happy's Transforming Communities Team on 0141 646 0123.

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