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Through the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund, Healthy n Happy CDT have supported and helped create 400m2 of growing space at 12 different locations across Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

You can find out more about these growing spaces by clicking on the images below:


Bankhead Polytunnel.jpg

I have enjoyed participating in the workshops delivered by Healthy n Happy. They have really engaged the children and made them think about their impact on the environment.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 81m2


Bankhead Primary School has had raised beds and a polytunnel in their grounds since the new school was built. However, due to the soil conditions in the planters, they haven’t been able to grow much of anything. Through the CCF funding, and with the help of local McDonald staff volunteers, we were able to improve the soil conditions and work on improving the polytunnel.

We also delivered regular growing and climate change workshops with the school children, with over 60 individual pupils involved.

In total, over a two year period, they managed to produce 52.5kg of carrots, potatoes, lettuce, radishes and other salad vegetables, all eaten by the children in the school!

Bankhead PS



The raised planters are great for residents who are in a wheelchair. They can still get involved in planting.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 2.1m2


The Handy Folk Task Force did a great job creating a small but accessible food growing space in the beautiful courtyard at Clydeford Sheltered Housing for local residents to enjoy and use. Through the CCF funding, we were able to supply seeds and plug plants, and it has been wonderful to see local residents take on the maintenance and growing of vegetables for themselves and their neighbours.

Clydeford Sheltered Housing


PHOTO-2019-05-24-19-45-18 (7).jpg

I feel much more confident in growing vegetables now and am looking forward to creating my own little veg garden at home with the kids!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 129m2


The Clydesmill Growing Together community garden is a wonderful partnership between the Clydesmill Community Fire Station, Cambuslang Apiary Project and local residents and groups. The South Lanarkshire Community Payback team have been involved in building the infrastructure of the community garden, with 129m2 of growing space including large raised beds and polytunnel now in place for growing lots of fruit and vegetables for the local community. In March 2020, a community orchard was planted.

A series of workshops, led by the Growing Together group, took place in Summer 2019, with approximately 12 people participating and finding out how to make their own growing spaces.


Clydesmill Growing Together


Window Greenhouses at Greencross

The residents have loved the workshops with Tracy, she really helps engage them with environmental projects and we look forward to working with her further and helping to grow even more vegetables for our lunches!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 3m2


Greencross Care Home has been one of our most successful wee sites to work with. Although they only have approximately 3m2 of growing space, in one year they have been able to grow and harvest 10.7kg of food for their residents to eat. They have also participated in a wide range of environmental workshops, including inner tube arts and crafts, bird box making, bug hotels as well as food growing skills and carbon literacy.

Geencross Care Home



The children have been learning so much and this project will continue as the children will gather seeds and begin the life cycle all over again.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 4.3m2


The staff and nursery children at Loch Nursery have taken to growing fruit and vegetables like ducks to water! We first began working with them in 2018, with our Handy Folk Task Force working with the children to build two planters to start their growing journey. Since then, we have delivered regular growing workshops and their outdoor area has been transformed into a mini allotment – with fruit trees, fruit bushes, four planters full of vegetables.


They have also become dedicated to using as many ‘found’ objects as possible, including a herb planter made out of a pallet from a local building site and seating from tree stumps (again from a local building site).

Their aim is to not only instill environmentally positive values in the children but also reduce their carbon footprint and improve the environmental awareness of staff, children, parents and carers. They have undertaken their own harvest days, with some produce being used by the children for their lunch and the rest being bagged up and left for the parents and carers to take home with them.

Loch Nursery
Parkview Primary School



A massive thank you for the orchard planting - it was a great success, and for all the organisation you carried out beforehand. ...the children really loved it. The local washing machines would have been doing overtime at night!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 93m2


Parkview Primary School already had a fantastic gardening group started when we offered to work alongside them as part of our CCF growing project. We helped increase their growing infrastructure with the creation of a pumpkin patch as well as delivering a series of workshops to get the wider school involved and interested in growing. They also hosted our first community orchard planting event, in which we invited other local growing sites to come along, help plant a variety of fruit trees and bushes at Parkview but also take away fruit trees and bushes to start their own community orchards. The day was well attended with over 60 people coming to help, and despite it being cut short by a huge storm, there was lots of positive feedback, particularly from the very very muddy children!


REACH Garden

Thanks for helping us plant in our community garden, we are looking forward to tasting it all!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 4.8m2


REACH Autism: South Lanarkshire is based in Whitlawburn and has a lovely little outdoor space for local residents and families with autism to use. Through the CCF funding, we were able to support them to redevelop their raised beds to grow vegetables. Unfortunately vandalism has played a part in the story and changes had to be made to the workshops and space to reduce the risk. However, we were able to give out vegetable hanging baskets to local residents and deliver a number of workshops focused on food growing skills and carbon literacy.

REACH Autism



The planters look amazing! Well done and thank you to the Handy Folk Task Force.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 9.4m2


We worked with the local children and young people at Rutherglen Universal Connections to create a community garden in a previously unloved area at the back of the centre. With help from local groups such as The Core and Handy Folk Task Force, seating and planters were built and painted. We also held workshops to help plant a wide range of fruit and vegetables, as well as some edible flowers like nasturtiums and pansies!

Rutherglen Universal Connections



We have the best school eco-group! I love it!


It’s been great working with the kids and helping improve their outdoor space, as well as learning more about climate change and the environment myself.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 49m2


St Columbkilles Primary School has an amazing outdoor space, including a specific vegetable growing area with raised beds. However, in recent years it had been neglected. We have helped them develop it, in collaboration with McDonald staff volunteers and volunteers from the school (including children, parents, carers and grandparents). The work included the creation of a compost heap, repairing the raised beds and planting a range of fruit and vegetables including strawberries, potatoes, radishes, rhubarb, onions, garlic and herbs.

We also supplied them with fruit bushes and a number of fruit trees to create an orchard within their grounds.

Alongside the renovation of the growing space, we also delivered regular growing and climate change workshops during their Spring, Summer and Winter terms, with approximately 15 children and parents involved. The aim is to develop their growing space so that fruit and vegetables produced there can be harvested and used in their community cooking classes, led by parent volunteers on a regular weekly basis.

In the Winter term 2019-20, we also began working with a group of 20 children and parents, carers and grandparents to expand the development of their outdoor space to include an environmentally focused sensory garden (currently in development).

St Columbkilles



Now I know what I eat affects the environment, I'm going to try to eat more veg!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 13m2


Through the CCF funding we were able to provide St Brides with five fruit trees and several fruit bushes (redcurrant, blackcurrant, raspberry and gooseberry) to create a mini orchard in their grounds as well as work with their Eco Committee to improve the outdoor planters and grow lettuce, radishes, onions, garlic and strawberries.

We delivered a series of workshops that looked at providing the kids growing skills as well as teaching them about climate change and the impact of the food they eat on the world around them.

St Brides



Gardening is fun!

Size of Usable Growing Area: 7.4m2


Alongside the Wee Adventure Club, a weekly outdoor group for local Burnhill children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, we developed four raised beds in the garden of West & Wardlawhill Church to grow vegetables and fruit. The children were incredibly engaged and since Summer 2019 many have also become involved in a local environmental group led by a local mum to help clean up their local green spaces and generally enhance their local environment.

West&Wardlawhill Church


PHOTO-2019-04-24-16-44-32 (5).jpg

I have enjoyed participating in the workshops offered by healthy and happy.  It would be good to continue these to further develop staff skills and involve more parents.

Size of Usable Growing Area: 1.8m2


Through CCF funding, we were able to provide Westburn Nursery with additional planters and deliver a series of food growing and climate change workshops, as well as a harvest and healthy eating workshop to the children and staff at Westburn Nursery. They have continued to invest and build their outdoor space, with growing fruit and vegetables, such as strawberries, radishes, onions and potatoes, a key focus.

Westburn nursery

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